Marine Litter Dynamics in the north of Vietnam: a step towards a better assessment and predictability of the litter input, transport and dispersal in a coastal zone under the Red River influence
Dispersion turbulente de déchets en zone côtière du nord du Vientam.

The project aims at assessing the marine plastic debris (MPD) dynamics in the coastal zone of the north of Vietnam: between a source area – the Red river estuary, and the open ocean. In particular, it aims at developing and application of a new methodology for assessing the transport and dispersion of MPD drifting with currents. The characterization and short-term forecast (a few days) of the spatio-temporal distribution of plastics will be made on the basis of Lagrangian monitoring. A large number of surface drifters (20-30 buoys) will be released at the river mouth for one-week drift. The buoy trajectories will be analyzed through new statistical techniques allowing to characterize spatial patterns of marine turbulence strongly affecting MPD distribution (accumulation, spreading, dispersion). This information is assumed crucial for the pollution risk management and mediation.

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Alexei Sentchev

Professeur des Universités (ULCO)