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Multi-Scale Analysis Of Pco2 Oceanic And Atmospheric Time Series And Of Their Difference

The role of the ocean in the absorption of atmospheric CO2, and the dynamics of the partial pressure of CO2 in marine waters (pCO2w), are hot topics in the domain of environment and climate sciences. The difference ∆pCO2= pCO2w- pCO2a which is used to estimate the CO2 flux between atmosphere and ocean, is also an important quantity to consider. These quantities are highly variable, in space and in time, over a large range of scales, from second and mm to large scales. Here we consider time series, recorded at fixed positions, in coastal zones, of pCO2w and ∆pCO2w. These are chemically active scalars, whose dynamics is also strongly influenced by turbulent transport. Methods from the domain of turbulence will thus by applied to characterize their multi-scale dynamics: spectral analysis, probability density, intermittency. The empirical mode decomposition algorithm, which can be used to separate a time series into a sum of modes, each one having a characteristic scale, and a trend, will also be applied. Several parameters will be extracted (trend, residual noise, amplitude of the annual mode) and their values will be plotted as spatial maps. This thesis is part of the ANR CO2COAST.

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