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Sami Souissi

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Professeur des Universités - Université de Lille

Address Contact
Station Marine Tél : 03 21 99 29 08
28 avenue Foch, BP 80 Fax : 03 21 99 29 01
62930 Wimereux, france Email : Sami Souissi

Areas of professional expertise

- Role of the diversity of behaviour, morphology, and life cycle traits of zooplankton in the functioning of aquatic ecosystems from small to large scales.

- Aquaculture of copepods : from fundamental to R&D programs
Use of mass culture of estuarine copepods to enhance the development of new bioindicators of water quality and understanding key ecological and evolutionary processes in the context of climate change.

- Artificial Intelligence and Individual-Based Modelling applied to biological systems using Object-Oriented models and Multi-Agent Systems.

- Numerical ecology : developing new multivariate mapping methods for analysing complex databases in environmental research.

Teaching activity

- Theory and application of statistics in biology ; Role of scales in oceanography

- Sampling strategies and initiation of modeling in ecology

- Population dynamics of aquatic organisms


1994 - Master of Biological Oceanography, speciality Modelling and Data Analysis, University Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI), France.

1998 - Doctor of Biological Oceanography and Marine Environment,
University Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI), France Fellow from the CNRS (1995-1998)

2006 - Habilitation degree in Natural Sciences, University of Lille 1, France. Title ‘Role of life cycle strategies of planktonic copepods in the functioning of aquatic ecosystems : individual based and multiscale approaches’

Scientific editions

- Guest co-editor of the proceedings of the 9th ICOC, the copepod special issue in Journal of Plankton Research, Souissi et al. (2007)

- Guest co-editor of the proceedings of the 9th ICOC, the copepods special section in Hydrobiologia, Souissi and Boxshall (2009)

- Edition of the web site (first version) and active member of development of the final version of the software project MOBIDYC (MOdelling tools Based on Individuals for the DYnamics of Communities) (Ginot & Souissi, 2002 tutorials Fr & En)

Recent Publications


1) Dur G, Schmitt FG & Souissi S (2007) Analysis of high frequency temperature time series in the Seine estuary from the Marel autonomous monitoring buoy. Hydrobiologia, 588, 59-68.

2) Cailleaud K, Maillet G, Budzinski H, Souissi S & Forget-Leray J (2007) Effects of salinity and temperature on the expression of enzymatic biomarkers in Eurytemora affinis. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology A, 147:841-849.

3) Souissi S, Daly Yahia MN & Hwang J-S (2007) Foreword (Copepod special issue), Journal of Plankton Research, 29:i1-i2.

4) Devreker D, Souissi S, Forget-Leray J & Leboulenger F (2007) Effects of salinity and temperature on the post embryonic development of Eurytemora affinis (Copepoda ; Calanoida) of the Seine estuary : a laboratory study. Journal of Plankton Research, 29:i117-i133.

5) Dur G, Hwang JS, Souissi S, Tseng LC, Wu CH, Hsiao SH & Chen QC (2007) An overview of the influence of the hydrodynamics on the spatial and temporal patterns of the calanoid copepod communities around Taiwan. Journal of Plankton Research, 29:i97-i116.

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9) Jiménez-Melero R, Parra G, Souissi S & Guerrero F (2007) Post-embryonic development of Arctodiaptomus salinus (Copepoda : Calanoida) at different temperatures : Comments on individual variability. Journal of Plankton Research, 29 : 553-567.

10) Gómez F, Claustre H, Raimbault P & Souissi S (2007) Two High-Nutrient Low-Chlorophyll phytoplankton assemblages : the tropical central Pacific and the offshore Perú-Chile Current. Biogeosciences, 4 : 1101-1113.

11) Cailleaud K, Forget-Leray J, Souissi S, Hilde D, LeMenach K & Budzinski H (2007) Seasonal variations of hydrophobic organic contaminant concentrations in the water-column of the Seine Estuary and their transfer on a planktonic species Eurytemora affinis (Calanoïda, copepoda). Part1 : PCBSs and PAHs. Chemosphere, 70(2):270-280.

12) Cailleaud K, Forget-Leray J, Augagneur S, Lardy S, Souissi S & Budzinski H (2007) Seasonal variations of hydrophobic organic contaminant concentrations in the water-column of the Seine Estuary and their transfer to a planktonic species Eurytemora affinis (Calanoïd, copepod). Part2 : Alkylphenols polyethoxylates. Chemosphere, 70(2):281-287.

13) Gómez F & Souissi S (2007) Unusual diatoms linked to climatic events in the northeastern English Channel. Journal of Sea Research, 58(4):283-290.


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19) Tseng LC, Kumar R, Dahms HU, Chen CT, Souissi S, Chen QC & Hwang J-S (2008) Copepod community structure over a marine outfall area in the northeastern South China Sea, Journal of the Marine Biological Association UK, 88(5) : 955-966.

20) Gómez F, Claustre H & Souissi S (2008) Rarely reported dinoflagellates of the genera Ceratium, Gloeodinium, Histioneis, Oxytoxum and Prorocentrum (Dinophyceae) from the open southeast Pacific Ocean. Revista de Biología Marina y Oceanografía, 43 (1), 25-40.

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