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Séminaire de Trung Kien Tran

par Valérie PLOUVIN - publié le

Séminaire de Trung Kien Tran (Doctorant LOG ULCO) intitulé :
Novel approaches to derive the particulate organic carbon from space in coastal waters

Date : Mercredi 22/05/2019 10h00

Lieu : salle de conf à la MREN à Wimereux et salle 128 SN5 (visio)

Résumé :
"In ocean color remote-sensing, satellite sensors measure the radiation backscattered by the ocean. Optical measurements from space are used to retrieve at global scale, information on biogeochemical parameters, as for example the near-surface concentration of particulate organic carbon (POC). One of my PhD objectives is to develop a bio-optical algorithm to derive POC from space in coastal waters, which present much higher bio-optical complexity. This talk will present the performance of the new developed algorithm. The new algorithm is compared with previous existing ones on a large database, which covers various bio-optical environments in coastal waters."